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Hello and welcome to Quickie Quoter’s blog! Saving money on insurance is our main priority here. It is one expense that we all must or should have. It’s also an expense where we can control the actual out of pocket cost to some degree. As consumers we all have a voice, and by shopping and comparing rates for insurance and switching insures sends a message. Don’t mess with the consumer, or I’ll drop your company and go with your competitor.

Lets face it do to wrongfully raised premiums, under payment of a claims, or new policy guidelines that cost the customer more, we all have experience the insurance companies wrath for greed. We hope this site will save you money and give you the power to say enough is enough.

We are just starting out so be patient while we build and grow bigger.

Food for thought!

The highest number of auto accidents occur at speeds between 35-40 mph and between the hours of 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm. These surprising stats illustrate the need to drive carefully when doing your daily routine in and around your home town.

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